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Hello! My name is Mandy and it is nice to meet you.
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So updates on my life nobody cares about.

1) Financial aid lady says my OSAP should be in in about a week or so. (yay)

2) that means I should have internet at home in like maybe 2 weeks or so and I won’t have to go over my data limit (which I might have already done?? oops)

3) the makeshift duct tape + fabric curtains keep falling down, so that sucks. 

4) The lines at the school today sure are moving quick! Like wow!


date a girl who reads. date a girl who reads every book she can get her hands on. who slaughtered a librarian to read those books. date a girl who shoots down helicopters with slingshots and commands an army. wait, did i say date? i meant follow into battle. follow Tamika Flynn into battle.